A few hours ago, the camera showed Chomzy, the fifth head of house, and Eloswag, her deputy, having a discussion about ending their relationship with each other after Eloswag stated that he didn’t want a relationship with Chomzy anymore. 

Recall that Eloswag, who has been very much involved with Chomzy, kissed her on certain occasions and told her he liked her. However, Eloswag, who was not quite happy after Chomzy failed to give him a greenlight based on the relationship, told her not to ever speak with him again.

Eloswag tells Chomzy he wants space, and he doesn’t want a relationship with her anymore. 

According to him, “Don’t talk to me again. I will not die if I’m single; I will not die if I don’t have sex; thank you very much in Jesus’ name. ” 

As regards this, Chomzy replied and told him she’s fine with it. According to her, “As you’ve accepted that we should never talk to each other again, that’s fine. Have a nice life.”

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