The fifth-week wager task will see the housemates compete to win Pocket Naira to buy food beyond the bare minimum. This is a crucial game for the housemates because the food woes have the potential of creating even more conflict in the house.

A little drama ensued when Sheggz wanted to make chicken for his bae Bella. Chizzy pointed out that he should not do that. Sheggz stated that the food belongs to Biggie and no one should tell him anything. Bella added that she won’t die of hunger in Biggie’s house.

Chizzy said to Sheggz, “we won the Wager, and you people won Immunity. Eat your Immunity.”

This made Sheggz upset, and he claimed that Hermes hid plantain in the bedroom, and Bella corroborated, saying she saw him come out of the bedroom with it. This set Hermes off, and he started yelling in the house, and Amaka tried calming him down.

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