Yesterday, Big Brother did something shocking and it got all housemates talking. Big Brother engaged all housemate with a presentation and after the presentation, winners were announced and congratulated.

After the task, Biggie called Groovy and told him to pack his belongings immediately he goes inside the house because he will be joining the level 1 housemates and he was shocked. After that, Biggie called up Deji and told him that he will be joining the level 2 housemates.

Immediately Groovy entered inside the house, Phyna could not control her emotion, she decided to prepare noodles for him to eat before leaving the level 2 house. While eating, Big Brother told him to leave the house and he exchanged him with Deji. Few minutes after his arrival at the level 1 house, Chi Chi and Adekunle started their quarrel and it was because of Deji.

According to Chi Chi, she said Adekunle has been gossiping about her relationship with Deji and it’s making her angry.

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