After the housemates were done with their sponsored task yesterday, Groovy and Phyna, who are in the level one house, had a conversation concerning how Phyna was cheering Hermes during the task. It was at this moment that Groovy warned Phyna not to keep hyping Hermes during tasks because he doesn’t like it.

According to Groovy, Phyna was cheering Hermes instead of cheering for him and this got him upset. He told Phyna that he doesn’t like that she would be hyping another man when they are dating. He went further to ask Phyna if she will like it had he been the one hyping Chomzy.

He said, “Phyna how can you be hyping Hermes when we are dating? Please don’t do it again because I don’t like it. I was there but you did not hype me and you think I won’t feel bad?

“If I was the one hyping Chomzy, will you like it? I’m telling you how I feel now so you won’t do it again”.

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