Few minutes ago, camera captured Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates, Eloswag and Chomzy, having a heart to heart discussion in the head of house room. During conversation, Chomzy recounted what transpired earlier in the show between Eloswag and Phyna. Reacting to Chomzy’s statement, Eloswag claimed that he did not kiss Phyna, but it was the latter that initiated the kiss.

@Eloswag said,“I didn’t kiss Phyna, she kissed me.”

Reacting to this, Chomzy claimed that it was the same thing regardless of who initiated the kiss. She expressed dissatisfaction with Eloswag’s move to woo her after kissing Phyna, describing it as a disrespectful act.

@Chomzy said,” It is still the same thing, whether you kissed her or she kissed you. And the next day you told me you liked me. I didn’t even know that you liked me. I felt disrespected. I didn’t come for drama or triangle.People thought I was fighting Phyna because of you. I will never fight a girl over a guy.”

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