After the housemates were done with their sponsored task yesterday, Bryan and Pharmsavi were having a conversation in the level two house. During their conversation, Bryan told Pharmsavi how he liked Allysyn’s body shape and physique and will give her his clothes to prove he likes her a lot.

According to Bryan he is beginning to feel Allysyn more recently and he hopes she can reciprocate this feelings. He stated that if she should ever give him something he will will return the favour. He went on to mention that he will give her his clothes, while explaining to her that he is giving her the clothes important to him because she is also important to him.

He said, “I am feeling Allysyn and little by little I will start giving her something. I so much like Allysyn’s body shape and physique, she is attractive. I can give her my clothes to take because I like her.

“I will give her clothes important to me to show her how much she means to me”.

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