A few hours ago, the camera was shown on Modella, who was busy fixing Phyna’s hair. However, as she was doing the hair, she came across a scar on her head and asked for the cause. Phyna, who knew quite well that she had a scar on her head, stated that it was caused by a cutlass.

She revealed that she got into a fight with a guy, adding that she beat the guy into a stupor. She stated that the man was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

While speaking about the scar on her head, she said she thought the guy had already lost consciousness, making her slow down her fist on the guy, but the guy took advantage of the period and threw a cutlass at her. According to her, the cutlass went directly to her head and caused an injury. 

The housemates were surprised at her revelation, as their facial expressions showed it. Phyna told the housemates that she grew up in a very dangerous area and that has contributed to her upbringing.

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