Things in BBNaija Season 7 can only get better for Chizzy if he meets up with the marriage conditions Doyin itemised while chatting in the kitchen.

Chizzy started the conversation, said he had a dream that he married her, and it felt real before waking up to find out it wasn’t true.

Picking up from where he stopped the discussion, Doyin, ‘I hope you had money in your dreams because I didn’t come to this world to suffer.’

She turned the conversation around and spelt out some conditions he must meet before they could talk about having a life together.

She insists that money is paramount in a relationship, adding that Chizzy must be ready to hustle and take care of her needs if his dream ever comes to pass.

So far in Big Brother Naija’s house, the two friends have shown chemistry that has been sparkling a 100 Degrees Celcius and is very original.

Their pairing is one of the most interesting friendships in the show thus far, and viewers are hoping that once and for all, they would stop the pretence and venture into a relationship.

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