BBNaija Season 7 couple Sheggz and Bella have thus far been the only pair giving their fans the feeling that there will be a wedding after the show ends.

This view is coming weeks after Bella has played hard-2-get with Sheggz pressuring her relentlessly to submit to his woos.

Lately, while chatting with Doyin in Biggie’s house, she had a heart-2-heart talk in the absence of Sheggz and revealed how she truly feels about him.

She expressed some emotional words when speaking with Doyin that she has genuinely ‘fallen in love with him’ and it’s a feeling she cannot fight.

#DoyinDavid simply stared at her with blushes on her cheek and concurred with the love words from the BigBella’s mouth.

They both opened up on some deep conversation and spoke in all honesty, as if they could truly confide in each other.

“I cannot hide my feelings anymore. They are real and our relationship is not a strategy.” She said.

Meanwhile, aside from the action shown to Sheggz about how she feels and the love she has grown to have, #BellaEscobar hasn’t told him that she has gone from liking to love him.

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