The housemates gave a very energetic wager task presentation . They traced their journey in Biggie’s house back to their auditioning and the lack of faith friends and others showed in their choices to be housemates.

Daniella was the orator of the presentation, using words that stir emotions to recall the journey of the level 2 housemates that left the house early.

Their presentation brought back funny and intense scenes. housemates imitated the prominent behavioural stance of evicted housemates. The tension between levels was highlighted and finding unity despite differences after the merge was also highlighted.

In all this, Hermes played the role of Big brother, dishing out authority to housemates. This role was initially reserved for Adekunle , but throughout the presentation, he was occupied with creating artwork that represented the uniqueness of the 28 housemates.

Hermes did such a ludicrous job voicing Big brother, that even had viewers commenting. After the presentation, Big Brother addressed them, he commended them for their song and depictions and commented that they have levelled up.

Biggie’s comment did not end there, He went on to playfully rebuke him for doing a terrible job at his role as Big Brother. In his words, “Hermes, you should never attempt to play the role of Big Brother”.

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