Following the declaration of Adekunle to ensure he gets closer to Daniella, Rachel has hinted that she is not in support of the idea. She said she is not happy with Adekunle’s stance nor his intentions towards Daniella and she gave reasons for it.

BBNaija Season 7:

According to her, she said she feels disrespected by Adekunle, who had expressed an interest in her before going for Daniella now. Adekunle told her that he will pick Daniella as his deputy should he win the Head of House this week but Rachel said it is incomprehensible to her why he would choose Daniella as the Deputy Head of the House.

Adekunle then asked her if she liked him, but she said no, he then said, “case closed.” Adekunle calls Rachel his closest friend in the House and thus feels he should be able to converse with her about Daniella Burt it seems she is not happy with his new ideas.

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