Cybercitizens have tackled the ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, chomzy over a comment directed to viewers following her exit from the reality show.

Chomzy in one of her post-reality show media appearances made a statement which didn’t sit well with fans. She blatantly avowed that she left the house because the viewers didn’t vote for her.

“Hi, it’s your girl Chomzy, I’ve left the house, you guys didn’t vote for me and I’m out…” She said.

This assertion triggered backlashes from netizens who claimed that she is still bitter and lampooned her unappreciative nature.

Chomzy further admitted to having enjoyed her stay in the house and explained why she tackled phyna and Groovy over their speedy relationship immediately after Beauty left the show. According to her, she was just putting herself in Beauty’s shoes and isn’t against what Groovy and Phyna share as a couple.

She added that she felt privileged having an extra one week in the house despite being evicted from the show.

Watch the video below:

Attacking Chomzy over the above statement, cybernauts wrote:

nanaamaelikplim wrote:
“She din appreciate her fans sef……others left earlier yet they came out thanking nd appreciating their fans….ur own is to drag them rather…..😂😂😂😂😂😂”

mar_goodness wrote:
“See as she be”

miller_mims wrote:
“Whose phone did you drop data inside…”

adestitoali wrote:
“This girl too get wahala upon say you don win close to 8M n you are still complaining.Be grateful.Jor Kosi danu😂😂😂”

thenameisnnenna._ wrote:
“You guys didn’t vote for me” 😂😂 this girl….”

hairbydufel wrote:
“She’s still bitter. You’ve come this far and this is the nonsense you could say to your 40 fans?😂😂🤣 Aunty Chomzy”

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