The Big Brother level 1 housemate introduced the truth or dare game to the house while the atmosphere was boring. In the truth or dare game, Bella, Chomzy, Deji, Chi Chi, Eloswag, and Doyin are featured.

Bella dared Chi Chi to give Deji the correct rock, and Chi Chi did. Bella also dared Deji to kiss any girl in the house. Deji chose Chi Chi and kissed her.

Doyin dared Bella to kiss any guy she was attracted to, apart from Sheggz, but she took alcohol instead. Bella also dared to kiss Sheggz, but he refused.

Eloswag dared to kiss Chomzy, and he did. Eloswag dared Chomzy to pick any guy in the house and rock him. Chomzy picked up Eloswag and rocked him.

Eloswag to Bella: Tell us how you feel about sheggz

Bella: Sheggz is my best friend, and I like him so much. Then she smiled sheepishly.

Chomzy helped Bella drink the alcohol after she failed to fulfill the promises of the game. 

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