Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Angel, has told Pere not to be stupid due to certain remarks he made, which she termed ‘silly jokes’.

This happened on Wednesday, day 60 of the show, as the housemates started packing Nini’s belongings following her disappearance.

During her Diary Session on Tuesday, Nini was tasked to prank the housemates with a 24-hour exit.

In the early hours of Wednesday, day 60 of the show, Nini, in line with Biggie’s secret mission, snuck out of the house to a private room outside the main house.

Biggie, however, instructed the housemates to find Nini and if their search failsled, they should start packing her belongings.

In the process, some of the housemates insinuated that Nini might be a fake housemate and Angel confirmed that Nini asked her about having fake housemates in the house.

Pere confronted Angel for not talking about it earlier but Angel clapped back, telling him that she said it earlier and he should shut up.

In response, the 36-year-old actor said, “This one that doesn’t know how to talk to someone. This one that’s still growing teeth.”

Whitemoney and Queen laughed at his comment but the latter said, “Don’t talk to my sister like that.”

Angel was not having any of the jokes as she started to blast Pere.

“Stop the silly jokes. It’s getting boring. I’ve told him before. It’s not funny,” the 21-year-old writer said.

Whitemoney stepped in, “Angel, it’s okay.”

Angel faced Pere, “Don’t tell me it’s okay. I’ve warned you and I’ll warn you again. Shut up. The jokes are getting boring. Don’t be stupid.

“If you want to make your stupid silly jokes, don’t make them when I’m around you.”

As she ranted, Whitemoney mentioned to Pere that Angel actually said it earlier, that Nini was asking about fake housemates in the house.

In her rant, Angel mentioned that she’s going through too much stress and if Pere isn’t careful, she’ll pour all of her anger on him.

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