For the sixth week’s wager, Biggie themed the task as Fools and Horses.

The level up housemates were tasked with developing a sketch or a comedy of no more than 45 minutes.


The housemates had a play on real-life issues that face us on a daily basis. The first scene was of a store owner who suspected his assistant of pocketing some of his profit. Chomzy was very convincing in pretending not to know that the pants she sold cost N2000 more than what she gave Groovy for them.

The mate’s creative juices really shone through as their sketch rolled on. All five scenes were snippets of interrelated stories that culminated in one message, “one day man go blow”.

The underlying storyline was of Giddyfia who tried to find his way in life through a failed job interview that led him to a talent audition that he won.

The simplicity in the mechanics of the housemaets’ sketch was what made it work.

The different storylines that were told were, not only delivered in a way that we would easily understand but had comic elements woven into their story that made it memorable.

Was it not Doyin the slay boujee slay queen who was too good for the restaurant that her boyfriend played by Chizzy took her to but wound up eating almost everything on the menu?

The most hilarious part though was Giddyfia who had gone for a job interview, chasing the other applicants away and telling his interviewers, Daniella and Dotun, that he has 26 years of work experience even though he revealed that he was 24 years old.

Life imitating art

When all was said and done, the final message of the housemates’ play was to never give up in life. They told a story of how a person could get on top of life from absolutely nothing but courage and a little support from his friends.

Giddyfia who was turned down by Daniella and Dotun during the interview relayed his story to Adekunle and Deji who discovered that he could sing and encouraged him to enter a talent show.

On taking their advice, Giddyfia ended up winning the talent show with his catchy tune “one day man go blow” which all the Housemates sang along to.

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