Before the house got merged together by Big Brother, Chomzy have been doubting Hermes’ relationship with Allysyn. She believes that their relationship is fake and the only real and sincere relationship in the house is Bella and Sheggz’s relationship.

Chomzy even discussed it with Big Brother in the diary room when she was the Head of House. She told Biggie that Hermes has two girlfriends outside the house and she doesn’t think Allysyn will agree to be his 3rd girlfriend because he’s about getting married when he leaves Big Brother’s house.

Chomzy recently had a conversation with Adekunle at the lounge and they both gossiped about Hermes’ relationship with Allysyn. Chomzy told Adekunle that their relationship is fake and he said no, it’s not. Adekunle believe that their relationship is real and their friendship is getting stronger as the day passes by.

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