Level-up housemate, Hermes has re-emerged as the BBNaija Season 7, Level Up Week 7 Head of House, HoH.

Hermes, who was Week 2 HoH, replaced last week’s Head of House, Dotun, and will enjoy immunity from this week’s eviction.

Hermes will also enjoy the privilege of living in the Head of House lounge for one week with Allysyn, who he chose as his companion.

She, however, does not have immunity from possible Eviction.

Head of House Game Review

All housemates participated in the contest except current Head of House, Dotun, and Tail of House, Sheggz, as a punishment for flouting Biggie’s rule.

The first round of the HoH Challenge involved the housemates using magnetic hooks to catch as many fish as possible from the imaginary stream of water.

Chichi, Chomzy, Eloswag, and Hermes qualified for the second round of the HoH Challenge.

In the second round, the Housemates were required to catch a fish which has the letters HoH written on the flip side.

Chomzy, having the highest value of fish from the first round went first, followed by Eloswag and then Chichi and finally, Hermes.

The last of the top four, Hermes however, was the first to catch the HOH-inscribed fish, winning the HoH title.

He automatically wins immunity from possible eviction this week.

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