This season of BBNaija has experienced alot of mixed emotions, as well as relationships.

Daniella expressed her feelings about being Dotun’s and Khalid’s second choice and how unhappy she was about it in the early hours of the morning.

After the Pool Party, Adekunle went up to Daniella since she seemed to be lost in her thoughts. She was aware that some of her feelings weren’t quite right, but her primary worry was that she was Dotun and Khalid’s fallback. She explained to Adekunle that Khalid had initially preferred Doyin while Dotun preferred Ilebaye, which is why she felt like a second choice.

However, when he said Daniella lacked self-control, Adekunle caused a fresh wound. Daniella was clearly wounded by this statement, and Adekunle instantly apologized for it. In response, Daniella said that Allysyn and Doyin among the other Housemates had teased her with such remark. She was cautioned by Adekunle to not let what the Housemates thought of her affect her.

Daniella attempted to explain her situation once again by bringing up her feelings for Khalid and the fact that she was the only Housemate to have been on two ships at once. Daniella concluded that she was the one having a problem that needed to be resolved.

She received counsel from Adekunle to not be too hard on herself and to not pay attention to other people’s viewpoints because doing so leads them to say offensive things to her. He also told Daniella that she should talk to someone outside the House since, in his view, she is not as stupid as she thinks she is.

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