The love between level-up housemates, Sheggz and Bella has continued to grow in leaps and bounds with the love birds ready to risk it all.

In a recent chat with Doyin, Bella once again expressed her intense feelings for co-housemate, Sheggz and stated that she’s ready to risk winning the grand prize to save the relationship.

She said, “I can’t hide my feelings anymore, I actually really like this guy I don’t care about what anybody says. I don’t care about whatever Big Brother will say about us tomorrow or anything. The only thing is I will change a little bit. When it comes to tasks, I will concentrate on tasks…I really cannot hide my feelings anymore…Even if its this relationship I take away from this house, I don’t mind,”

Bella got knocked during her Wednesday diary session after she tried to apologize to Big Brother on Sheggz’ behalf. Biggie did not find her message appropriate and queried who made her his spokesperson.

It appears that Bella does not mind being sanctioned by Biggie for constantly defending, Sheggz.

Recall that the lovebirds also got in trouble on Tuesday after Big Brother issued them a stern warning for refusing to pull their weight into their task and sabotaging their teammates because they were not paired together.

The couple were paired with other housemates for the task that required they work together to compose and perform songs. Still touchy from his fight with Phyna, Sheggz refused to work as a team despite Phyna’s attempt to get him on board.

Phyna practiced alone after Sheggz refused to heed her call for a group practice, He chose to stay with his lover, Bella.

Bella was eating instead of preparing for the task with her paired partner Chizzy.
Chizzy explained to Big Brother why he practised alone as he would not want Bella to hold him back.

Big Brother has since stated that there will be zero tolerance for the housemates’ behaviour.

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