Biggie has got the social media buzzing after sanctioning a female housemate over an incident that took place in the house.

It was reported that Amaka forgot a meat pie she was making in the oven, and went to spend time with other housemates.

Few minutes later, some of her colleagues perceived a smoke coming out from the kitchen and rushed to check on the microwave which was already on fire. Meanwhile, Amaka was more interested in her burnt pie than how to quench the fire.

In response to this, Biggie restricted her from having access to the microwave oven for a given period of time.

He was quoted saying;

“Your negligence would have burnt down Big brother’s house and your biggest concern in a house rigging of smoke was the whereabout of your food. Housemates, can you perceive the smoke?

Your constant disregard for big property ends tonight. For the next one week, you are not allowed to use microwave oven.”

The Instagram video which went viral, stirred up reactions from viewers of BBNaija as they trolled into the comment section to react.

Below are screenshots of some remarks from social media users;

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