Many fans are excited about seeing their ex- favourite housemates on tv screen again as the big brother niaja “shine ya eye” reunion premiered on tv on Thursday, 2nd June 2022.

Their remarkable moment on the first night was the outfit of the former housemates as many Nigerians have not stop talking about it online.

Fans corroborated the words of the show host EBUKA OBI _UCHENDU who said that the shine ya eye housemates re the best dressed set

At the time of filing this report, Nini, Arin and Peace are currently trending on the microblogging platform Twitter, over their outfit at the reunion.

While many netizens applauded Nini for her beautiful outfit, others mocked Peace and Arin.

@luchisgold wrote: “These female housemates came overly dressed. Very unnecessary. Maria and Nini

looked sweet and simple”

@Meenah2_ wrote: “Nini permit me to hype you please you look really beautiful”

@eliza_booknerd wrote: “Nini is best dressed so far”

@Sleekie3 wrote: “Arin and peace be like Cinderella wicked sisters”

@dontletmefall wrote: “I would have chosen peace over Arin but I oddly like Arin’s dress, it’s never happened before”

@thepalazzoboy wrote: “You can’t tell me Arin didn’t make her outfit from the left over of peace fabric”

queen__esther1 wrote: “Arin no like to spend money. People saying beautiful just saying it”

denohgrear wrote: Peace oo wetting u go wear on ur wedding day as u dey this ur wedding gown already. It’s the low budget Cinderella for me.

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