If only Amaka knew this before going into the house…

By now, you have to be living under a rock or totally disinterested in the ongoing BBNaija ‘Level-Up’ season to not have heard about Daniella and Khalid’s session of hot fok under the covers on Sunday August 7th 2022. See gist here.

The most interesting angle for us was how Amaka was there, observing the action. Actually, we think she could have gotten more from that experience if she’d done any of the following 5 things.

1. Give them background music

The best thing would have been for her put mood-setting songs on shuffle for them. Some Omah Lay, a bit of Wizkid, Trey Songz and Tank would have banged.

But as Big Brother doesn’t allow them have phones, the least she could have done was to serenade them with any of those songs as Daniella was riding but… Amaka disappoint.

2. Coach them

Another missed opportunity for Amaka. If that’d been us, we’d have been there whispering tips like: “Hey, Daniella, relax your back a bit so you can get it deeper,” or “Khalid stop thrusting up and let Daniella enjoy herself a bit before you nut.”

3. Clap & cheer for them

Fair’s only fair. They’re giving you a show. The least you can do is clap and offer moral support. How Amaka didn’t even know any of these things? SMH.

4. Feedback

Also, she could have given each person feedback on their performance. “Khalid, you weren’t grabbing enough butt as she was riding you. Do better next time. Also, always try to get a mouthful of boobs, you hear?”

Facing Daniella: “And as for you baby girl, you did well. But next time, you want to sit up a bit while riding, too. You know, for variation – and also because that angle slaps hard.”

Women supporting women✅✅

5. Ask for a threesome

Hey, hey, hey… from the little we saw, Amaka looked like she might be interested in joining. So why not just ask to join in instead of leering? There are the issues.

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