The building tension between the level one and two housemates of the BBNaija season 7 almost came to an explosion during the Thursday night task. Phyna in retribution for being nominated twice for eviction by the level one housemates decided to verbally poke the housemates during the task.

Phyna who has become a target for being loud and competitive decided to distract and disrupt the level one housemates while carrying out their task. Hermes fell victim to her malicious act, as she called him names and constantly made reference to his choice of finger fashion.

It was the case of the rejected stone becoming the cornerstone for Hermes, as he emerged winner of the task. This victory did not deter Phyna from her previous motive. As the level one housemates tried to make Hermesvictory a collective one, Phyna deflected their victory chants by downplaying the collective unity of the level one house. She reminded them, that it’s an “every man for himself” game, hence there’s no reason for their joint celebration.

Hermes wins the second HoH games

Enraged by Phyna’s display, members of the level one housemate, made her a subject matter of their backbiting after their task. chichi promised to deal with Phyna by continuously attacking her. Bella called her stupid and Giddifaya retorted that “Phyna go collect.”

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