Adekunle has spoken about how Bella and Sheggz fight almost everyday, but make things look all lovey-dovey when they are in public.

Adekunle had this conversation with his fellow Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Diana, and also explained that one will only be able to tell if they happen to be around the pair (Sheggz and Bella). In his words, Adekunle said:

“Sheggz and Bella get into fights almost everyday. But it’s only if you manage to be around them that you will know, but whenever they are in public, whenever they’re around people, it’s all lovey-dovey. They’re holding each other, they’re kissing each other, they’re making everything look all sweet…”

Adekunle spoke further and brought Giddyfia’s issue into the conversation as well. He spoke about Giddyfia and stated that he (Giddyfia) does not know how to express himself. Diana however, agreed with Adekunle and said that Giddyfia is always laughing and playing, and Adekunle further explained that Giddyfia’s laugh is his coping mechanism.

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