Sheggz was having a conversation with his colleagues; Bella, Doyin and Allysyn at the lounge earlier today as he narrates a short story to them about Ikoyi policemen at the airport.

Sheggz was telling them that every policeman in Ikoyi knows him and they do call him by his name. He also shared an experience he encountered recently at Lagos airport. Sheggz said his flight was around 5 am and Bella asked him where he was going that early but Sheggz couldn’t remember.

Sheggz said his dad was driving his own car while he went to the check point at the airport. He said his father decided to drive him to the airport because he was going to miss him and won’t see him for like 6 months. He said immediately he passed the check point where his bag was scrutinized, people started hailing him shouting ‘Big Sheggz’.

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