The food war between Phyna and Bella has extended to the nasty fight between their partners.

Sheggz fought with Groovy calling him a fake friend and questioned his relationship with Phyna.

For the first time this season, both friends exchanged words with each other.
Groovy replied that he’s also fake as Sheggz admitted to being rude but not a fake friend.

Recall that Bella and Phyna fought with Bella calling her a street girl and Phyna replied questioning her manners.

Things escalated when Sheggz defended his lover, Bella, and called Phyna silly.

He also fired at Groovy as he felt disappointed that he didn’t caution Phyna.

Sheggz said, “I don’t even know why you are dating her”

Groovy replied that Shegzz also needs to check his babe, Bella rather than outrightly condemning Phyna.

Groovy said “If you feel your personality is better than I am, why are they always checking you”

Sheggz called Groovy a fake friend, saying “You’re a fake nigga”

Groovy replied that he’s also fake.

Sheggz admitted being rude but not fake, saying “You’re fake nigga bro. I might be rude but I’m not fake”

Groovy said, ” You’re fake and you’re dumb. You will be saying shit. You say shit. Why is he calling me fake?”

Sheggz : “I expect more. I’m not cool with it”

Groovy finally said “If you are not cool bro this is the door”

It seems the relationship between Groovy and Sheggz has ended.

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