The Big Brother Titans show has started to deliver the much needed drama, and netizens are having fun with the chaos. South African housemate Khosi has two men Yemi and Miracle on her hands and during their truth or dare game, she was asked to explain what exactly she is doing with Miracle.

Yemi who seems to be the most favoured of the two stopped Khosi from explaining and Miracle demanded that she did regardless, telling Yemi to shut up.

The disrespect didn’t go down well with Yemi who got up to attack Miracle, a physical fight was eventually avoided because the other housemates rushed to intervene.

Reactions to the fight Read more: 

ellen_daterush2022: “Miracle saw the game was centered around Yemi and Khosi and he said , lemme get in there” megxquisite_collections: “I love miracle ooo, kai, this game is complicated, this dude knows how to buy fans, he understands how the human mind works… Kai., Na this week big brother start.” enny_berry22: “It’s the way khosi thinks yemi will be loyal after this.”

evlyn_sylvester: “I respect this miracle sha. Takes a great guy to apologize.”

ellen_daterush2022: “Miracle looks like he planned this, is big brother scripted? Cos I don’t understand.”

dr_posh: “No be everytime 2 women dey fight for man, make 2 men fight for woman make we watch….”

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