Big Brother Titans housemate Khosi has appealed to Yemi to love her more.

Khosi in her latest conversation with Yemi said she was jealous and not happy that he professed love to Nana by saying he loved her.

In his response, Yemi claimed he did not tell Nana he loved her, saying he only called Nana’s attention to what Miracle was doing with her last night.

Miracle and Khosi had kissed deep during a truth or dare game.

The kiss sparked a lot of reactions on social media.

Arisco wrote: “Khosi, who said that she cannot date Nigerian guys, is now begging Yemi for love.”

Bellz wrote: “I thought she claimed to be in a relationship.”

Harry B wrote: “She has forgotten her boyfriend.”

Gyna wrote: “She’s deeply in love with Yemi”.

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