Big Brother Naija Level Up housemate, Bella, has reponded to sheggz complaints about her not showing enough care and affection towards him. Earlier, the couple had a quarrel, and Sheggz complained about his dissatisfaction with some of Bella’s actions. Sheggz said that Bella doesn’t really show interest when he asks her to do something that would favour both of them. He also complained to Bella that he see her as a selfish and self-centered person, which does not work for him because he is selfless. Sheggz noted that he cooks most of the meal for himself and Bella and does not understand why she would switch off each time he ask her to cook food for them to eat. According to him, he does the cooking ordinarily and doesn’t expect Bella to refuse whenever he asks her to assist.

Reacting to his statement, Bella told him that he was disrespecting her. She told Sheggz to leave her alone since she is not doing enough for him.

@Bella stated, “Sheggz leave me alone. I am not doing enough, and I’ll never be enough.” 

Sheggz told her that she is just being a baby instead of admitting her faults.

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