A few hours ago, the camera was shown to Sheggz and Bella as they lay low, playing and discussing personal issues on the bed. Sheggz told Bella that she was the brokest girl he had ever been with, and Bella was not happy with the statement.

Bella, who was very angry with the statement, told Sheggz not to ever insult her in his life again. Bella added that why would he say such a thing to her? According to her, “Don’t you ever insult me in your life, telling me that I’m the brokest girl you’ve ever dated?” “Do you know me outside the house?”

Sheggz responded, pointing out that is it everything he says that she must pay attention to. Sheggz added that he said that because he was angry, and could not have said that in his right state of mind.

Sheggz further added that he would not say anything about this again.

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