Eloswag’s win means his co-housemates in level 1 are safe for the week.

Eloswag, a Level 1 housemate in the ongoing television reality show Big brother naija season 7, won the head of the house challenge for week four on Monday.

Eloswag’s win means his co-housemates in level 1 are safe for the week.

Biggie declared Eloswag the head of the house as he saddled him with the responsibility to nominate five housemates from the level 2 house for possible eviction.

It is the fourth time the Level 1 Housemates would produce a Head of house

Hermes followed Eloswag, then Adekunle, and now he takes it one more time.

The fourth head of house game had the housemates arrange a puzzle of their pictures for seven minutes with the reference picture beside them.

Bryan, Hermes and Eloswag made the first phase, while the second phase of the challenge made the trio guess the number of broomsticks in a bunch of brooms

HOH games

The Level Up Housemates gathered in the Arena another week for the HoH Games. Today, Level 2 Housemates were two men down, going in as nine Housemates.

As they gathered in the Arena, Biggie informed them of the Game rules they would play after excluding Adekunle as the incumbent HoH.

First off, the Housemates were given a bucket full of puzzle pieces.

They were given seven minutes to complete the jigsaw puzzle. Ninjas would show them a picture of the completed puzzle, placing a few images in the middle of where they stood.

The buzzer went off, and the Housemates started putting the pieces together, some moving slower than others.

Adekunle, in true HoH style, excited his fellow Housemates, encouraging them to increase their pace. Housemates kept looking at the reference picture.


The buzzer went off again, and Biggie asked the Housemates to freeze. Deji made a little prayer after his instruction and was subsequently disqualified for disobedience.

The top six Housemates whose puzzles were almost completed were Bryann, Diana, Daniella, Pharmsavi, Hermes, and Eloswag. They were given a minute to complete the puzzle and went for it.

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