Big Brother has offered to give Modella another task following the difficultly of the initial task he gave to her, which was to rock a boat or two, as the housemates are losing focus on their sole purpose of being in the Big Brother house and focusing more on shipping.

During her diary session, Big Brother and Modela conversed, and Biggie asked her how the initial task went. Modela gave explanations as to why it has not been going very smoothly, which Biggie considered excuses.

Big Brother asked Modella if she would like him to give her another task, and Modela answered in the affirmative.

Modela said she will be given more details on her new task later.

Recall that modellla was introduced into the house a few days ago as a fake housemate and as part of the privilege she cannot be evicted. Big Brother has given her the secret task of breaking up couples in the big brother house.

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