A few hours ago, Daniella was summoned by Big Brother for her diary session, where Biggie asked her some questions. Daniella spoke about the two housemates she nominated and the reason for nominating them.

Daniella said she nominated Chichi because she is a bit too extra and wants peace for the rest of the show. On the other hand, she sees Hermes as a strong contender, hence the reason for nominating him.

Big Brother asked her if she had anything else to tell her before her diary session ended, and she requested a grape.

According to the conversation;

Biggie: “Is there anything else you’d like to tell Big Brother?”

Daniella: “Big brother, can you give me grapes?”

Biggie: “Grapes Allysyn, sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the two of you. You might get grapes on Sunday if you win your wager task. Your diary session is over.

According to Biggie, Allysyn also requested the same thing as Daniella, and this made him conclude that both housemates were the same. 

However, the wager task will be performed this week, and if she gets to win the task, she might be gifted some grapes as promised by Big Brother. 

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