Twitter street, basically BBnaija fans say Billionaire’s son, Kiddwaya, didn’t always brag about having the best baby in Biggie’s house, and tells Sheggz fans to stop capping.

The race for a ship better than Kiddrica and Sheggz better than Kiddwaya continues, as BBnaija cast members drag Sheggz and his fans into a ‘daft’ comparison. Fans of current housemates are upset that Sheggz and Bella are being compared to Erica and Kiddwaya, according to BBnaija Twitter. In terms of wealth, Sheggz is being compared to Kiddwaya.

According to Twitter Street, Kiddwaya arrived at the house dressed as a billionaire’s son, but he kept things low-key. He didn’t talk too much about his fathers wealth.

He didn’t remind the house every now and then that, he’s a billionaire’s son. Erica on the other hand was already an influential lady, who was already doing well for herself and she was an actress as well.

Erica and Kiddwaya both avoided dragging the housemates down with their already and existing influence. They lowered themselves to the level of the housemates and played the game like normal people. Because they have the most fans, unlike Sheggz, who is constantly reminding them of who he is outside the house.

Always bragging about his expensive clothes, the people he hangs out with, and how wealthy he is on the outside. According to BBnaija Twitter, they do not despise Sheggz and Bella. Sheqqz should relax because Kiddwaya, the billionaire’s son, didn’t even brag this much once. And Erica, the influential and top babe who mellowed to the house and people’s standards.

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