Big Brother Naija 2021 ex-housemate, Tega Dominic has said everything that happened between her and Boma on the show was planned.

The reality TV star made this known while appearing as a guest on Glitch Africa’s To Be Honest podcast.

Tega said that the intimate moments she had with Boma was all part of a plan to get under the skin of her colleague, Queen.

She recounted the time Boma and Queen were close in the house and she tried to reconcile them but Queen apparently made some scathing comments about her and everything changed.

Tega said Queen started keeping malice with her and that was when she decided to switch things up.

She said that she did not really want a partner in the house and all that intimacy was just to get back at Queen.

According to the mother-of-one, Boma fully agreed to the plan while they were on the show, but when they left and he started feigning ignorance, it made her angry.

She also said that while sleeping at night, she and Boma had a code which they use to signal eachother whenever the camera is focusing on them.

Watch her speak below:

Read some comments from fans who made it known that they did not believe her.

@isabeleke; How many version of lies are we going to get from Tega. U disgraced ur self as a married woman to get at Queen a single girl that never really fancied Boma.. Queen liked whitemoney which was obvious and u carried on even when u saw Queen carrying WM matter like gala on her head

@Ayekarib0; Does she really think we will believe her? Her lies are so inconsistent
From “I was divorced” to “we planned it”

@iam_leendah; This woman should be ashamed of herself. Tueh 🤮🤮

@babygnella; I don’t understand are we not in level up season??? Some sye hms will not allow us enjoy the show especially this mugu #bbnaija

@iconicvibes123; Just look this Shameless Ekuke still defending her wack 🤮🤮🤮 script uptill date @_TegaDominic you can only confuse ur village people that are 😡😡 but not we the viewers! U claim it never happened. Now you are trying to get @ someone shame on you Anufia

@olayinkate; If she had said , she wanted to use it to get back at her husband, I would have believed than this now. Sister why did you not say this during your media round not one year later now. Linus.

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