Few moments ago, Bryann was seen with lady Diana having some fun conversation, and in their conversation, Bryann opened up to lady Diana of how he admired her on the first week all housemates met at the arena.

Recall that this year’s housemates were divided into two levels, as we had level 1 housemates and level 2. However, Bryann was among the level 2 housemates, while Diana was among the level 1 housemates, but all level housemates do meet at the arena during games and other performance.

Therefore, Bryann tries to explain to Diana about their first meeting at the arena, and how he admired her that day, but lady Diana was unable to remember.

Bryann went further to explain to Diana how he came to meet her, just to ask for her name even when he saw her name clearly on her tag, but came to ask for her name, so she (Diana) could see his face.

He also told her what she wore that very first day he admired her, which proved to Diana that he was saying the truth, as he laughed nicely to his gist.

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