On Tuesday, 3rd of August, 2022, one of the female HouseMate in the level one house finally admitted to liking Groovy. Chomzy told the new fake HouseMate, Deji Morafa, that she likes Groovy from the level two house. The drama and entertainment that the Big Brother HouseMates have been serving has been keeping fans glued to their screens.

This revelation was made when Chomzy and Deji were having a conversation with each other ah different issues.

Chomzy said she likes Groovy, while she also told Deji Morafa that Chi-Chi likes him too. She said Deji shouldn’t tell Chi-Chi that she said that. These HouseMates have been giving premium entertainment which the fans love them for. Fans hope that the friendship between Chi-Chi and Chomzy won’t end because of this revelation she made to Deji, the fake HouseMate. Fans hope that Chomzy doesn’t get into any rift with Beauty, because presently, Groovy and Beauty are together in the Big Brother’s house.

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