Few minutes ago, camera captured Big Brother season 7 “level 2” housemates, Bryan and Ilebaye trying to have a heart to heart discussion in the room. During conversation, Ilebaye persuaded Bryan to explain what he meant when he said he wanted to experience her. Bryan felt reluctant to spill what he had in mind due to the presence of other housemates like Kess, Groovy, etc in the room. He pleaded with Ilebaye not to let other housemates use them to catch cruise tonight.

Bryan said in part,”Don’t let them use us this night. Groovy is here for entertainment.Kess is not asleep. How can he be asleep?”

Replying to Bryan, Ilebaye said in part,” I didn’t know you asked ‘when are we going to kiss?’ I thought you said what are you going to kiss. You are being cunny. Stop beating around the bush. Ask the question and ill give you a reply.”

Bryan further tried to whisper what he had in mind but Ilebaye reminded her that whispering is not allowed in Big Brother’s house. What do you think Bryan had in mind to tell Ilebaye? Do you think he wanted to get emotionally connected to her?

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