Big Brother punished Chi-Chi for provoking fellow housemate, Diana few days ago. The punishment Big Brother gave Chi-Chi was to write “I will not destroy the property of my fellow housemates”, in a note book that was provided by Biggie.

Big Brother also instructed Chi-Chi to write the same word all through the lines and pages of the book, but Chi-Chi was unable to successfully finish her punishment, which led to an extra punishment for her.

When Big Brother called up Chi-Chi few hours ago, and asked about the punishment he gave her, she (Chi-Chi) told Big Brother she was still on it, and not done yet. Biggie asked what was delaying her, but Chi-Chi couldn’t give a reason, so he added another punishment.

The second punishment from Big Brother was an addition of a note book, so Chi-Chi can write same thing on the second note book, which is doubling the punishment for her, as He (Biggie) said the doubling of her punishment might enable her to work fast.

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