Chomzy won the Head of House challenge and she chose Eloswag as her companion. Being the Head of House (HOH), Big Brother gave her the power of authority and she’s immune for eviction this week including Eloswag.

An intense quarrel bursted in the house between Phyna and Sheggz and it was really intense. Phyna called Sheggz a mad man after he underrated her idea saying her ideas isn’t really important. Sheggz told Phyna that she will leave Big Brother’s house and the quarrel escalated. Phyna got upset and told him she’s not leaving the house because Biggie’s house isn’t his father’s house.

Head of House Chomzy and others tried to calm down their quarrel but it was abortive. Big Brother gave housemates a task and Chomzy has been shouting for all housemates to gather together, but no one is listening to her. Chomzy said now that she’s calm, nobody likes it and nobody should feel disrespected when she starts shouting.

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