Few moments ago, Chi-Chi was seen having some ladies conversation with fellow female housemates, as they talked about Phyna and how she joined into Groovy after Beauty left the house.

Recall that Beauty was in a relationship with Groovy during her moments in the house, but got disqualified for breaking multiple rules.

However, Chi-Chi tells housemates how disappointed she was with Phyna as she realized Phyna and Groovy are in relationship.

Chi-Chi in their ladies conversation tells few housemates present that she can never do what Phyna did, by moving to Groovy after Beauty left the house, that it is not proper.

In her words, “I can never do what Phyna did, by getting into a relationship with Groovy, after Beauty left the house”.

She also used Bella who was present in the conversation as an example, saying she will never have anything to do with Sheggz if Bella is not around or leaves the house.

Fellow housemates present, also agreed with her as they responded positively too

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