Seems new Big Brother Naija housemate, Rachel entered the house with plans. This morning while Chomzy was telling her that she is causing trouble between Giddyfia and Diana, she replied that she didn’t come to the house for peace and that she came for war.

Chomzy: “Rachel you have caused trouble between Giddyfia and Diana”

Rachel: “I didn’t come for peace, I came for war. I have been drinking my regular doses of wickedness”

The conversation came after their pool party. Rachel and Giddyfia were spotted in the pool having a romantic dance. Diana who is believed to be with Giddyfia was probably not happy with it. 

Rachel does not care about what her dance will cause between the pair. She didn’t come to the house to avoid people because they have someone else. She came in preparation to mingle, not minding if the person is with someone else or not. 

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