Chomzy recently spoke about her situation with Eloswag and stated that the female housemates can have him if they want him.

Chomzy made this known during a conversation with her fellow level 1 housemates, who organized a mock interview for both her and Eloswag to find out what exactly they have with each other. Eloswag initially indicated interest in Chomzy, although he stated that what he has with her is not defined. When the housemates faced Chomzy, she stated that she does not want to have anything serious with Eloswag because he kissed Phyna.

The housemates persisted further in a bid to change Chomzy’s mind, as they wondered why Chomzy wouldn’t want to settle for someone like Eloswag.

However, as Bella asked Chomzy why she is caging Eloswag and stated that all the girls want him, this was when Chomzy stated that the girls can have Eloswag if they want him. The conversation went thus;

Bella: …Why are you caging him? All the girls want him

Chomzy: If they want him they can have him…

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