Everyone is aware that Bella and Sheggz are among the lovers who frequently spend time together in the house.

Bella and Sheggz were talking hours ago, and in the middle of their conversation, Bella told Sheggz to stop talking about himself and his family, and told him to concentrate on the game.

Bella reprimands Sheggz for talking too much and remarks that it doesn’t really matter that his father is the richest man in Nigeria.

You talk too much, she told him, “it doesn’t matter if your father is the richest man in Nigeria; don’t talk too much.”

Bella further stated that he should quit bragging about his wealth or automobiles and instead concentrate on the game and finish what he came for.

Nobody cares about what you and your family are doing, she said, so don’t alter the story.

She also advises him to keep a lot of stories about himself and not divulge anything because it doesn’t really matter whether his family (Sheggz) supports him or not.

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