Big Brother Naija level 2 housemate, Phyna was very angry last night after what seemed to be a confrontation with level 1 housemate, Chiomzy.

Last night was the wager presentation by the housemates where the two levels battled to win the wager for the week. After the presentation, Phyna was spotted narrating what transpired between her and Chiomzy to her level 2 housemates. According to her, she was making a statement about the level 1 housemates when she said, “Them get Chairman?” Others who were present thought she was making a mockery of Chiomzy because her statement sounded like she had mentioned Chiomzy’s name. Out of anger, Chiomzy responded to Phyna’s statement by saying that she is more beautiful than she is. Chiomzy’s statement didn’t sit well with Phyna who plans to confront her later today during the Saturday night party.

Phyna had been complaining that she doesn’t know why Chiomzy has been giving her cold shoulders but later discovered that it was because she (Phyna) was flirting with Eloswag, who was Chiomzy’s love interest.

Recall that former head of house, Eloswag and Chiomzy got into a heated argument over Phyna. Chiomzy was having a discussion with Chi Chi about how intimate Eloswag was with Phyna, during the last Saturday night party. Eloswag, irritated with the constant talks, warned them to stop discussing the subject matter but they lashed out at him which worsened the situation.

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