Adekunle and Diana had a private discussion in the garden, about some housemates and their strategies in the game.

In a clip, Adekunle told Diana that the two lovebirds, Sheggz and Bella are always fighting and having misunderstandings whenever they’re alone, but once they’re in the presence of other housemates, they instantly start acting like lovers who are in good terms.

Adekunle also stressed that Giddyfia doesn’t know how to express himself which is why he is always hiding behind his laughter and smiles.

Concerning Rachel, Adekunle said that he thinks she is a trouble maker. Diana told him a story of a time someone had accused Rachel of doing something but she just sat back without saying a word in her defense.

Adekunle replied by saying it is unusual for Rachel to ignore something like that, seeing as she is always ready to argue with anybody.

He added that he is skeptical about her because she is an actor and actors have the ability to put up fake characters for a long period of time. He ended his discussion by saying that everybody in the house now has a strategy and he is beginning to see that.

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