A conversation between Chizzy, Sheggz, Adekunle and Rachel Sheggz revealed that he now has great respect for Adekunle. The BBNaija Season 7 housemates who have always been at a longer head seem to have finally found their friendship footing.

Sheggz speaking he said, when Amaka was evicted he heard housemates saying she will be on a media tour by now then it downed on him that media rounds will come. He said as at that time he has never thought of media rounds at all. He said he heard Adekunle telling Giddyfia to calm down with the way he goes about mingling with ladies in the house.

He said if he does not slow down his media round will revolve around talking with three girls in the house. Giddyfia was known to know Diana, Amaka and then Rachel so Adekunle was telling him to calm down and that was before he was evicted.

Sheggz said he respects him a lot now because he can hardly predict him, he also said all along he use to see him as someone who is just planning a game but now he has seen how smart he is. He also said the funny thing is that he is both smart and funny at the same time.

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