Evicted BBNaija season 7 housemate Kess Adjepkovu has confirmed his successfulness in life after his encounter with a Nigerian police.

Kess declared his entry into greater heights after a brief encounter with a police officer who decided not to check his papers after recognizing him as a reality star.

Sharing his encounter, Kess said while driving he was stopped by a police officer who requested for his license but changed his mind after starring at him and recognizing him as Kess of BBNaija.

Kess said the policeman asked him if he is Kess from BBNaija, and after he affirmed it, the officer immediately let him go without checking his papers.

According to Kess, the experience is a confirmation that he is now a successful star.

‘So guys I don blow…this is a confirmation for me, for Nigerian police to know me, i don blow forget it’, he emphasized.

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