Bella recently stated that she doesn’t expect any friendship or relationship with anyone in the BBNaija season 7 house, and would go back to her normal life when she leaves the Big Brother house.

She made this known during a conversation with Sheggz and Doyin, while Sheggz and Doyin spoke about some pressing issues with regards to some of their fellow housemates. However, as Doyin stated that her experience in the reality TV show has made her to appreciate the people she has in her life, Bella chipped in that she came into the reality TV show with an open mind and isn’t one to be described as friendly at all. Bella further explained that she’ll go back to her normal life after the reality TV show and doesn’t expect so much from her fellow housemates aside from Sheggz. Bella said:

“…Coming here, I had an open mind. I’m not even the most friendly. Like I’m not friendly at all. So coming here, I’m like I’m just going to coexist, live in the moment and when I leave here, I’ll go back to my normal life. I don’t expect any friendship or relationship with anyone. If it’s not Sheggz, I don’t expect much from people…”

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