Big Brother Naija Level Up housemate, Sheggz recently went off on Bella after she refused to make breakfast for the two of them in BBN house. Few minutes ago, the camera opened on the duo having a conversation in their room, Sheggz complained to Bella that he see her as a selfish and self-centered person which does not work for him because he is selfless. He also mentioned that he has never asked Bella to make food for both of them in the house and does not understand why she would always switch off whenever he ask her to prepare their food. He, however, noted that if Bella truly loves him, it will cost her nothing to figure something out for them to eat.

His words in part, “You are selfish, and you are self centered, that is precisely how I see the way you are, and it doesn’t work for me because I am not like that. I am selfless. Now I decided to go make food anyway, and you want to be immature about it, you want to avoid eating. I don’t mind, I want to make food for myself because I have to eat. I am going to make food for both of us because that is what I always do. I will not be cunning, I am going to still be myself. But you didn’t need to switch off, i don’t understand, what you did was off the radar. I never ask you to make food for us, so If I asked to make food what does it cost you to figure something out if you love the person. It cost you absolutely nothing.”

Reacting to his statement, Bella told him that he was disrespecting her. Sheggz responded that he wasn’t but only letting her know how he felt and also she would have tried at least to make breakfast for them to eat.

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